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Szandra Mayer


singer and songwriter

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Szandra Mayer is a seventeen year old singer and songwriter from South Florida. She was born in Los Angeles, California to a Peruvian mother and Hungarian father. Her love for music started from a young age, when she began taking singing lessons and performing in local theaters. She was cast for roles like Jasmine in Aladdin and Mitchie in Camp Rock. She soon discovered her love for songwriting as well, and began releasing her own music at only eleven. Since then, Szandra has released many songs in different languages and genres.

She says, “I consider myself a very emotional person and music is the best way I can express what I am feeling. I was about nine when I first began singing and from that moment on that nothing could compare to the love I had for it. I am so fortunate to able to pursue my career in this industry and be able to put work into something I am very passionate about. I feel my true music career is just beginning, now that I feel I have truly found myself in this form of art. I am so excited to see what is in store for me and I will continue to work hard and put my authentic self into every song I create.”

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